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1. Move with the times

2. Tick Tock

3. Spell

4. Dancing in the sky

5. Special Way


Sylvia Tella - Trinity Connections / Songwriting/Main Vocals

Sefton Simpson - Bass Guitar

Barry Johnson - Rhythm Guitar

Craig Simpson - Keyboards

Alan Simpson - Lead Guitar

Drums - Delroy (Sticks)

Paige Simpson, Marleke van Elk, Talla Rhoden - Background Vocals

Move with the Times

Tick Tock

Special Way

Dancing in the Sky

Written Sylvia Tella


Copyright Control


written by Blue Magic


Musical Directors - Craig Simpson, Sefton Simpson

Engineering & Production - Sefton Simpson, Barry Johhson

Mastering - Onocnuko by Calvin Francis

Recorded live on the 23rd November 2019 at The Belle Vue Arena Manchester

for African & Caribbean Mental Health Services 30th Anniversary.

Live in Manchester (CD, 2020)

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