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Seleased September 28, 2018

Vinyl Currently Out of Stock - Contact Us for bulk order fulfillment.


My Friends Trinity Connection have Produced the new EP Vinyl in Conjunction Sprint Records.
My boy DJ Qtip. Real name Quamari Serunkuma Barnes age 15 yrs.
He was murdered January 23nd 2017 outside his School.
His song Children that he wrote and Recorded was a project we started when he was 14 yrs with my production teams.

Robbie Tyndale create the arrangements and Remixes alongside
Ruff Cutt Piano Player Carlton Bubblers Ogilvie who Produced the Reggae Mixes.

All Mixes are on the EP Robbie Tyndale & Carlton Bubbler Ogilvie created some of the arrangements.
As well as some Mixes of the Tribute Cover song

Dancing in the Sky performed by Sylvia Tella
Written by Dani and Lizzy Clint Barron.
The proceeds of this Vinyl are going to Quamari Serunkuma Barnes Foundation
That his parents and family have founded and they wish to say thanks for the Love & support.



All rights reserved

Dancing in The Sky (Vinyl, 2018)

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